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Everyone"s into yoga these days and there"s a good reason why. A study conducted in Norway revealed that yoga works at the cellular level and helps boost your immunity. It also improves the circulation of oxygen inside your body through its breathing exercises.

We listed some benefits that you can get from yoga:

  1. Yoga boosts your immune system which is your body"s first line of defense against diseases.
  2. Some yoga poses can provide relief from migraines because it takes your mind off things that stress you out. Yoga allows your body to relax and release tension, which may be the reason why you"ve been suffering from migraine in the first place.
  3. Since yoga increases the flow of blood in the genital area, it improves your sexual performance.
  4. You can bid your food cravings goodbye once you start doing yoga. This is because you become mindful of the food you eat.
  5. Yoga also helps improve your sleep since it teaches your body how to breathe properly and to relax when need be.

The things listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many wonderful things that yoga can do for the body, it"s almost impossible to squeeze everything in one blog entry.



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To be healthy, one needs maintain a good diet and a daily workout routine. Easier said than done, yes, what with the number of things that we need to accomplish each day!

While it"s understandable that most of our time is spent hunched in front of  the computer to meet deadlines, we must remember that sticking to these unhealthy habits make our bodies vulnerable to sickness. We need to put premium on our health and we can do that by doing the following:

  1. Exercise daily. It does not have to be a two-hour routine for as long as you engage in physical activities. You can walk to the office, climb up the stairs, or play sports. No matter what it is, the important thing is that you sweat.
  2. Load up on the liquids. Now, you"re probably thinking that you"re allowed to wolf down every single bottle of soda, no. You should drink water because it will help cleanse your blood and flush out the toxins.
  3. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. They contain vitamins and minerals that can help your body.
  4. Get enough sleep. Don"t listen to people who think that sleep is not necessary because they 100% wrong. Your organs need to relax too, and the only way that the body can do that is when give yourself enough time to sleep.

These tips may seem like they can"t contribute that much to your body and admittedly, you won"t feel the effect instantly. However, if you keep doing these tips on a daily basis, you will eventually reap its rewards.


Remember, consistency is key.


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