Protect your hands with gloves when doing household chores. To harden nails, try mixing the juice of several garlic with your nail polish. Do not worry; you can set up a beauty salon in your home and look pretty in a few minutes. Also, experts recommend keeping nails and their care every day, so they do not become damaged, break or have an unsightly color, especially if you smoke.

You may like to wear them natural or you always have them painted with only one color or change according to your wardrobe. In any case, it is necessary that you take care of your nails at least in the basics, attending to your needs. These tips are great for making them at home; you will not have to go to the classroom to do the manicurist. You will have nice and healthy nails if you meet them.

After washing your hands, you should apply a cream, without exception. Because this will prevent the skin from drying out and at the same time, it will moisturize the area of the nails, causing them to grow healthier and stronger. Also, you will prepare for the cold months when the nails suffer from the use of gloves or boiling water. In summer, you should take care of the sun and chlorine in the pool.

Never use a nail clipper, unless you have them too long and want to leave them flush with your finger. Otherwise, use a file to get the extension you like and also if you want the square or round. This will prevent them from breaking or falling apart. It is essential that you use a base before applying the enamel. If you miss this step, then the nails will be dry, yellow and lifeless.

This is because the components of the nail polish do not let the nail “breathe." The base is achieved in any beauty shop or perfumery and is equal to the gloss, that is, transparent. The difference is that it contains aloe vera, calcium and vitamin E. As for aesthetic benefits, we can say that it facilitates the application of enamel because it leaves the surface of the nail smoother.

Do not cut or remove cuticles, because you can cause an infection. It is preferable to use special oils or creams to remove cuticles. Carefully push them back with an orange stick or a soft stick. Now if you want an expert to make sure that your cuticle is removed properly, you can visit a nail salon Jacksonville, FL. It is a fact that nail salons have utensils that can clean your nails well. You can also search online and use the key phrase nail places near me and many options will appear.

Women are always looking for face masks or their hair, but they often forget their nails. You can use petroleum jelly to give a circular massage while watching TV. Put gloves for the cold to sleep, previously have placed a real cream. The following morning you will notice the results: soft hands and beautiful nails.

Once you wash your hands, dry them well, especially the nails, so they do not soften. Do not cut the cuticles preferably, because they are responsible for protecting the nails against the attack of some germs. You can soften them with creams and push them gently, so they do not see each other. Put twice a day a moisturizing cream in your hands, emphasizing the nails, so that they look healthy and beautiful. If they are yellowed by the excessive use of enamels or by the cigarette, rub them with white vinegar.

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In spite of your busy schedule, make a time for you to relax and pamper your feet: a home pedicure will not only help you to get perfect nails but also to relieve stress. Follow our tips to make it look professional.

Soak your feet
Fill a container with warm water then soak your feet. Let your feet get soaked for a few minutes to soften corns. Take this opportunity to use some exfoliating products that will make your feet feel soft. Plus if you want it to be more relaxing, add some few drops of essential oils in water.

Soften thick hard skin
If the soles of your feet have calluses, get yourself a special lime and rub it all over your feet. It is normal that your skin will harden if you are regularly using high heeled shoes. For professional results, invest in tools such as a set of manicure and pedicure instruments to remove corns and calluses, as well as others tools that will smoothen the surface of the nail. Nail Salon In Jacksonville, FL have the equipment and expertise to soften and smoothen your feet.

Cut your finger nails
Once nails have been softened with water, it"s time to cut them. Use large nail clippers. Avoid the temptation to use this instrument to shape your fingernails. You should only use it to cut the desired size horizontally and then give the shape you want to a file. If you do it in this manner, you will avoid severe problems like ingrown toenails.

Cuticles treatment
Softens cuticles with a special product such as oils and moisturizers and let it sit for a few minutes. Use an orange stick to remove them, provided they are soft and never dry. If you can avoid it, do not cut cuticles, even if you use a well-sharpened special pedicure scissors. A good regular hydration is the best weapon against hangnails and calluses that disfigure the nails.

Hydrate your feet
Use foot cream moisturizers, their formulas are denser and specially designed for the needs of the skin in this area. For deeper hydration, apply a good layer of cream on top and put on socks. Let stand, and when you take off your socks, your feet will be soft and moisturized.

Apply base polish
Enamel nail polish is necessary but before applying, do not forget to use a base polish. This type of product creates a film that protects the nail against the aggressions of the enamel. Use it to lengthen the life of the polish, as well as prevent yellowing the finish of the nail.

Apply final coating
Finally, you have to use nail color. To prevent stains, you can use a foam toe separator that lets you work more comfortably. Begin by applying the brush in the center of the nail, well attached to the base, then move first to one end and then the other. Paint all fingers nails and then apply a second coating.

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